Rosengren Bernt < Tilbage 
Porgy & Bess      
Bernt Rosengren (ts), Gunnar
Bergsten (brts), Tommy
Koverhult (ss), Sven Berggren
(tb), Peter Nordahl (p), m.fl.
Summertime/A Woman Is a
Sometime Thing/Cotton Hook/
Gone, Gone, Gone/Overflow/My
Man's Gone Now/Leaving for The
Promised Land/I Got Plenty
O'nuttin/Buzzard Song/Bess, You
Is My Woman Now/I Ain't Got
No Shame/It Ain't Necessarily
So/I Loves You Porgy/Red-headed
Woman/Clara, Clara/Porgy's
Theme - Porgy and Crown/There's
A Boat That's Leavin' Soon/Bess,
Oh Where's My Bess. Stockholm

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Label:  Arietta
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